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The operation of the PG-13 equipment is simplicity itself. The entire equipment is placed in operation by turning the motor-generator starting switch to the "ON" position. As soon as the motor-generator set is up to speed the voltages should be adjusted by means of the rheostats which are located on the motor-generator control panel. Each meter has a red mark indicating the correct reading. It may be desirable to have the volume control set at zero when starting the motor-generator set. If the volume control is set above zero it may be found that there is a "rushing" noise in the loud speaker when the generator set comes up to speed.

The "Film-Disc" switch should be set for the desired reproduction and the fader switch should be thrown to the machine which is not to be "started up." As soon as the machine is up to speed, the fader switch should be thrown to the machine which has just been started.

The PG-13 equipment is provided with a "compensator" which is built as a unit of the amplifier itself. The initial adjustment of the compensator, to suit its characteristics to that of the individual amplifier with which it is associated, is made by changing the position of the taps provided immediately below the compensator control knob. This adjustment is made at the time of installation with the aid of special instruments and should not be touched except by an RCA Photophone installation or service engineer.


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