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See Section 254
No SoundMotor-boating (frame line) noise only, if exciter lamps are lit "Film-Disc" switch set in the "FILM" position.Set "Film-Disc" switch in the "Disc" position.
  Fader in the "OFF" postion or set for wrong projector.Set fader to the proper position.
Sound obtained from one projector but not from the other.Defective pick-up.Replace pick-up from which no sound is obtained. See section 229. Make sure that the pick-up contacts are clean and tight.
  Defective "Film-Disc" switch.Clean contacts of "Film-Disc" switch.
Low VolumeLow volume from one projector only, other O.K.Pick-up defective.Clean contacts on pick-ups. Use new pick-up if other projector gives decidedly better results. reset pick-up equalizer. See section 231.
Poor QualityExcessive scratch. Poor Discs.Use Good Discs.
Dirty Discs.Use clean discs or clean those in use.
Good sound from one projector and not from other.Defective pick-up on one projector.Replace defective pick-up. See section 229.
Pick-Up Needle Jumps the Groove   Warped records.Use good records.
Binding noticed upon swinging tone-arm by hand.Tone-arm binding.Investigate trouble and correct.
  Bottom of the pick-up striking the face of the record.This trouble will arise only through the use of short needles. Use longer needle or do not insert needle all the way into socket.
Pick-up jumps when starting.Turntable not level.Level the turntable.
"Wows""Wows" noticeable only when starting with cold projector.Grease of viscous damping device cold. Projector mechanism stiff due to cold oil.Run the projector 15 minutes before the show.
"Wows" continue after projector has warmed. Viscous damping device out of adjustment.Adjust viscous damping device. See section 71.
Turntable coupling out of line.Line up turntable.


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