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See Section 254
No Sound  "Film-Disc" switch set in "Disc" postion.Set "Film-Disc" switch to "Film" postion.
  Fader in "Off" postion or set for wrong projector.Set fader to the proper postion.
Exciter lamp ammeter reads zero when exciter lam rheaostate is turned on.Exciter lamp burned out or not properly turned into postion.Turn another lamp into operating position.
Exciter lamp lighted but no light at the photo-cell.Sound gate aperture completely clogged.Clean the sound gate aperture.
  Defective photo-cell.Insert new photo-cell.
No sound from photo-cell of either projector, sound from pick-ups.Open photo-cell polarizing battery leads.Reconnect battery leads.
Poor Quality Fluttering sound from loud speakers. Poor sound film.Use good film.
Dirty sound gate.Clean sound gate thoroughly.
Dirty constant speed sprocket.Clean constant speed sprocket.
  Dirty or scratched film.Clean film or use new print.
  Defective photo-cell.Use new photo-cell.
  Sound gate open.Close sound gate.
"Wows"   Dirty sprockets.Clean sprockets thoroughly.
  Worn constant speed sprocket.Replace worn sprocket.
  Viscous damping device out of adjustment.Check carefully and make whatever adjustment is necessary. See section 92.
Unequal Volume from Projectors.  Weak photo-cell.Replace photo-cell
  Poor exciter lamp.Turn another exciter lamp into position.
  Dirty sound gate aperture.Clean sound gate aperture.
Inequality of volume not very great.Un-matched photo-cells.Adjust exciter lamp currents to compensate for inequality of photo-cells. See section 237.
Noise or Motor BoatingNoise noticeable on both projectors when operating from sound-on-film but not from disc.Noisy photo-cell battery -- Battery voltage low.Replace photo-cell battery.
Film weaves noticeably.Guide rollers out of adjustment.Readjust guide rollers. See sections 90 and 250.
Light ray passes through the sprocket holes or frame lines.Optical system out of adjustment or film weaves as above.Adjust guide rollers. If trouble continues, notify RCA service engineer.


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