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The amplifier unit also contains a compensator with a two-position switch, which switches the compensator either "in" or "out". Its purpose is to correct for the ill effects of poor recording. The compensator is discussed in more detail in section 165.

276. The Screen. -The screen provided as a part of this equipment is of light, porous construction and is supported on a collapsible tubular steel frame, which is easily assembled and disassembled. The assembled frame stands as illustrated in Figure 138, and the screen is laced to it by means of a light rope. By adjusting the lacing, all wrinkles can be removed and a perfectly flat surface obtained. The dimensions of the screen are about seven by nine feet. This unit is packed complete in one of the trunks (or packing cases).

277. The Loudspeaker. -The loudspeaker provided with this equipment, illustrated in Figure 137, is an eight inch dynamic cone type with a directional baffle. When set up it is placed behind the screen, and is aimed through it toward the audience. It is collapsible and folds so that it fits compactly into one of the trunks. When unfolded the trunk becomes a part of the support.


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