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See Section 281
No Sound Exciter lamp of the projector in use not lighted. Exciter lamp on other projector lighted.Fader switch in wrong position. Switch the fader switch to projector in use.
Exciter lamp cables reversed. Connect exciter lamp cables correctly.
Exciter lamp of neither projector is lighted. Burned out exciter lamp. Replace exciter lamp.
Amplifier tubes and exciter lamp not lighted. Key operated switch on amplifier not turned "on". Turn key switch "on".
Amplifier power cable disconnected. Connect amplifier power cable.
Power supply fuse blown. Replace fuse.
Amplifier tubes and exciter lamp lighted. Photo-cell not in place or photo-cell shield not properly installed. Insert photo-cell and mount shield with opening toward the sound gate.
Sound from one projector but not the other.Defective photo-cell. Replace photo-cell on projector from which no sound is obtained.
Defective fader switch. This equipment can be operated by transferring cable and exciter lamp cable to change from one projector to the other.
Amplifier tubes not lighted. --Exciter lamps lighted. Plug out of rectifier unit. Insert plug.
  Voice coil cable disconnected at the amplifier or loudspeaker. Connect the voice coil cable.
Power cable disconnected at the loudspeaker. (Very low volume will be obtained). Connect the power cable at the speaker.
Fuse blown in loudspeaker power supply circuit. Replace burned out fuse.
Low Volume Very low volume on both projectors. Power supply to loudspeaker open. Check cable connections and fuses in power supply circuit.
Low Volume on both projectors. Defective amplifier tube. Replace amplifier tubes.
Defective UX-281 tube.Replace rectifier tubes.
Exciter lamp current low.Regulate the exciter lamp current to obtain one ampere.


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