Cinerama Matched Panels
This would be an excellent opportunity to measure the aspect ratio of Cinerama when it's laid out flat.
People insisting it was 2.76:1, 3:1 or wider are going to be disappointed.
If you don't want to measure the frames you'll find the answer at the bottom of the page.

This Is Cinerama, first feature made in Cinerama, images from a circa 1962 Technicolor dye transfer print.

How The West Was Won, last feature made in Cinerama, images from Technicolor dye transfer print. The opening shot of the film was an out-take from Paul Mantz' footage made for This Is Cinerama

How The West Was Won, James Stewart, the first Hollywood star to appear in Cinerama. Images from a recent Eastmancolor test print.

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, or the grim world of the wonderful brothers, depending on your age. Not a huge hit in the U.S., it did well in Europe. Images from a Technicolor dye transfer print.

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