The American WideScreen Museum, like most brick and mortar museums, deals with technology that is no longer current. Most of the material contained here is very hard, if not virtually impossible, to find elsewhere.

In order to allow our limited resources to do the best possible job in telling the story of evolutionary technology, we leave current systems and processes to those who can do them justice. For this reason, you will not find exhaustive coverage of the likes of IMAX, Panavision, Eastman color film, Dolby, DTS, & SDDS digital sound, etc. here, except where they may relate to earlier processes. These are all alive and well. Lack of coverage of these topics in no way indicates a lack of interest in them.

The LINKS page, located in the WideScreen section of this web site, provides access to numerous excellent sources of information on contemporary systems and we recommend you take advantage of them.

Martin B. Hart,