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Anamorphic Adapter Lenses

The AWSM Collection
Old Delft Vistascope - AKA Delrama - Prism Anamorphic Lenses

photos courtesy of Jan-Eric Nyström

The 8mm version of Old Delft's anamorphic prism lenses featured a 1.5x squeeze ratio which yielded a 2:1 image on screen. The company offered both 1.5x and 2x prism anamorphics for use with 16mm gear. These lenses were marketed under both the Vistascope and Delrama names.

Panavision's 16mm Superama lens could be used on both the camera and projector to achieve a 2.66:1 image in 16mm. It features good mechanical and optical characteristics.
The AWSM Collection

Panavision's SUPERAMA lens is featured in an ad from The Camera Mart in the February 1957 issue of American Cinematographer. Considering the quality of this lens the price is extremely attractive, barely more than lenses sold for 8mm gear.

20th Century-Fox's agreement with Henri Chrétien gave him rights to his Hypergonar lens design in France and her territories, (colonies), along with the right to use Fox's CinemaScope trademark. The French occasionally will misspell the trademark name as CinémaScope. That's okay, we misspell lots of French words, and our pronunciation... :-(
Bolex C8 and Chrétien 8mm CinemaScope lens photos courtesy of Guy-Louis Mier.

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