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A bunch of silly promotional stuff for
How To Marry A Millionaire and CinemaScope

Modern Miracle...
...Old Time Sales Techniques

CinemaScope was given lots of publicity relating to all its technical aspects but the studio was too "Foxy" to rely on the technology alone to sell their new system to the public in general, and the distributors for that matter. Good old showmanship type T&A, used since man first walked in front of an audience, was enlisted to help promote The Modern Miracle You See Without Special Glasses.

The percentage of blue-noses in the world's population must be relatively small because the glamour girl tactics proved very effective.

Bausch & Lomb CinemaScope Projection Lens Promo
Picture-Perfect Pair?
Not too well disguised double-entendre. Bausch & Lomb ad from Motion Picture Herald, 1955.
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