Popular Mechanics - August 1952

A lot happened in Oyster Bay, New York between the time that Popular Science printed their article on "Super Movies" in August, 1950 and the publication of this article in Popular Mechanics in August of 1952. This Is Cinerama was being readied for its premiere in just three months. Artwork, created by the Popular Mechanics staff would reappear in modified form for each of the Cinerama productions.

Interestingly, the issue also contained a completely unrelated artice on exploration by Lowell Thomas. No mention of Thomas appears in the Cinerama article and no mention of Cinerama appears in the exploration article. We'd have to wait for Seven Wonders of the World and Search For Paradise to see Thomas in the locations featured in his article.

And, by the way, the owners loved their new DeSoto, but like Cinerama, interest seemed to wane by the early 1960s.

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