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The Tushinsky Lens

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TWO MGM CinemaScope features in TWO weeks? This theatre isn't exactly at the top of the food chain.

What OTHER type of anamorphic lens have these guys used before? Did they borrow them? Did they borrow a new screen? Did they borrow a new stereophonic sound system?

The Town Theatre crops off 22% of the CinemaScope image because they like the shape better! What "perature" size did they use with the earlier lenses? A 22% loss of image doesn't hurt the composition? No light fall off in the corners? That's not surprising since they've lopped off the corners to begin with.

What a ghastly example of misguided showmanship! Beginning the film squeezed and gradually unsqueezing it as the titles ran! Those studio logos and title artwork must have looked interesting as they gradually grew fatter.

What sort of distortion were they expecting and did they get it with the unidentified OTHER lenses?

One man's miracle is another man's fantasy.

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