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Here we present yet another historical rarity for your education and amusement. Your Curator spares no expense, well very little expense, to acquire these items. If you wish to send him a buck or two to aid in the effort just drop him an email to receive instructions on Paypal. No kidding, money is actually accepted.

Back to our studies... MGM management and technicians recognized the value of the substantial work done by Fox on the CinemaScope system. There can be little doubt that MGM's support helped the Fox system become the standard for true wide screen production and exhibition. This 16 page brochure provides, in typical Hollywood glowing terms, information on the production on the film and how CinemaScope played a big part in it. Knights of the Round Table was the fourth CinemaScope feature to reach the screen and it's production was done at the same time that Fox was making How To Marry A Millionaire and Beneath the 12-Mile Reef. At the time of production the CinemaScope system had not adopted the magnetic stripes on the picture film and thus the full size image presented an extremely wide 2.66:1. By the time of its release the sound on print system had been perfected and Knights of the Round Table was exhibited in the slightly narrower 2.55:1

Enjoy the read.

Knights of the Round Table Booklet Cover - CinemaScope

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