Workers tote coach of the model train to the tracks. Model duplicates a narrow-gauge train still in use.

of the marine shots in the picture are made with models. It would be prohibitively expensive to round up three full-size clipper Ships just for a few moments of action. Besides, the miniature shots will be technically superior to anything that could be made in full scale.

Water Dyed Blue

The studio "ocean" is a concrete tank 300 feet wide and 360 feet long. The water, dyed an ocean blue, is three feet deep. One end of the

tank is half an inch lower than the other sides and here the water continually overflows into a hidden trough, giving a realistic horizon. From the trough it is constantly pumped back into the tank.

Behind the trough is a 50-foot tall background screen painted in imitation of a blue sky flecked with white clouds. The smog-brown Los Angeles sky won't be visible to the camera. Wave machines and wind machines are lined up along one side of the tank.

Special-effects men install a cartridge in locomotive which will provide realistic smoke during the filming.
Popular Mechanics August, 1956
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