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The dawn of the wide screen/stereophonic sound era made big news everywhere. If you're 50 plus years old and think you're reading this because you're a doddering, drooling, sentimental old duffer, then you're probably wrong. These developments were given an important status in virtually all media, including that nasty black and white tiny television set.

The August, 1953 issue of Popular Science was one of the first mainstream consumer magazines to preview CinemaScope and report on it to its readership. All the facts aren't quite right, but they seldom were, even in industry magazines. This article starts with a two page spread with some large photos so the download time will be a little longer than normal for the first page.

2Oth Century-Fox handed out lots of copies of their promotional pictures. Some of those seen here are also in the main CinemaScope wing of the museum.

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