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Presented here are two sets of projection instructions provided by Cecil B. deMille and Paramount for The Ten Commandments provided by Mr. Jeff Joseph of Sabucat Productions (see our Links page).
deMille was a major stockholder in Paramount Pictures and one of the biggest moneymakers that the studio had. The production of The Ten Commandments represented an unprecedented investment of $14 million in 1956 and the producer/director and studio management intended that the film receive a first class presentation, though they handled Mr. deMille's introduction in a rather odd way.

Following the four page original presentation instructions, we offer a copy of the three page type written instructions provided by Paramount for the so-called "popular price" general release which followed the roadshow run. While the spirit is there, the studio obviously took some shortcuts in producing these prints.

It is interesting to note that no mention is made of either a magnetic or Perspecta optical stereo soundtrack in either set of instructions.


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