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Despite being the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas isn't exactly known for being the home of great movie premieres. THRILLERAMA didn't seem to help the score to any great extent. In an industry that throws all manner of undeserved superlatives at even the most dreadful films, this article seems only to be able to muster "Well Liked" as the response of those that were in attendance at the gala world premiere. That's not much better than, "Don't call us, we'll call you." And that was pretty much what happened after a group of theatre owners were flown in for the event. After a few other Texas cities were subjected to Thrillarama Adventure the system disappeared.

Thrillarama Well Liked
At Houston Premiere

Houston is the scene of the initial presentation of Thrillarama and "Thrillarama Adventure," which utilitizes existing projection equipment and has aspect ratio of 31/2 - 1. Among those who witnessed the first showing are top photo, from left: Raymond Willie and R. J. O'Donnell. Interstate Circuit, Dallas, and Al Lever, Interstate, Houston; bottom. left: Jerry Zigmond, AB-Paramount Theatres, Los Angeles; Louis Finske, AB-Paramount Theatres, Jacksonville, Fla., and John Balaban, B&K Theatres, Chicago; bottom right, Jim White, Thrillarama western zone manager; Mayor Oscar Holcombe of Houston; Raphael Wolff, producer of "Thrillarama Adventure," and MacDonald MacPherson, script writer for the film.


HOUSTON-The Thrillarama process and its "Thrillarama Adventure" were well received at the world premiere at the Metropolitan Theatre Thursday (9). Leading exhibitors who had come from various parts of the country and distribution executives, in the majority, thought the new process was "wonderful" and the picture "superb." However there was some negative reaction that concerned only the mechanical side. There was a definite line in the center and some distortion which was later corrected.
"Thrillarama Adventure" is similar to the first Cinerama productions in that its subject matter is on the travelog order. The photography, all in Technicolor, is superb. The film's sequences include underwater scenes, daredevil auto driving and magnificent scenes from the Bahamas to equally beautiful ones in Canada. They were received with enthusiasm by everyone.

In a telegram to BOXOFFICE, received Friday (17). Albert Reynolds, president of Thrillarama Productions, stated, "Despite cynical reports to the contrary, we will accelerate the playoff of our first attraction,

'Thrillarama Adventure,' throughout all sections of the country as rapidly as the Technicolor laboratories can supply us with the required number of corrected prints. This poses no problem and little time loss. Despite use of non-corrected print and projection from an abnormally high booth in Houston, Thrillarama can play perfectly In the vast majority of American Theatres."
Further, according to Reynolds, Raymond Willie of Interstate Circuit expressed such satisfaction with the Metropolitan run at Houston, which was increased by one day, that "Thrillarama Adventure" has been booked to open at the Wichita Theatre, Wichita Falls, on August 23. to be followed in Interstate houses In San Antonio, Waco and other key cities.
The Houston run, Reynolds declared, proved the speed with which the Thrillarama special screen and equipment can be moved into and out of a theatre.
The Thrillarama process uses two cameras and two projectors, which are locked together to synchronize the image an the screen. It can be installed in a few hours and the screen is said to be adjustable to fit any theatre. Existing projectors are used. The aspect ratio is 3 1/2 to 1.


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