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The non-rigid relationship between camera and blimp suggests another problem that has been solved in a very successful manner. That is the problem of attaching a finder for the use of the camera operator. Obviously, if it were attached to the outside of the blimp, the camera, inasmuch as it is floating, could be framed differently from the way indicated by the finder. This was solved by designing a very compact finder, and attaching the main optical elements to the camera. Auxiliary optical elements are available for use depending upon whether the camera is used with or without the blimp. This compact design has the additional advantage that this same finder is used with the camera for almost 100 per cent of the work; thus only one finder and one set of mattes are necessary for each camera, and the camera operator has only one set of finder conditions for which to make allowances. Auxiliary finder allowances are always necessary to compensate for the parallax errors both in front of and behind the focal plane for which the camera is adjusted.

The camera motor arrangement is highly flexible and worthy of special note. There are eight types of motors and eight combinations of motor-to-camera gears, all of which can be changed in the field. The only requirement of the cameraman is to specify the kind of shooting expected and the electrical current or the kind of distributor system to be used. The regular cameras can also be successfully operated running backward at full speed. Speeds higher than 24 pictures per second, either forward or backward, are not permitted with the standard cameras.

The camera unit has available all the standard camera mounts to which the industry is accustomed. The wild camera can be mounted on anything from a camera spider to a high tripod, and on any other piece of equipment as may be desired, such as dollies, three-wheel perambulators, four-wheel velocilators, booms, rotating mounts, etc. The camera, incidentally, has been successfully operated in all possible positions.

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