General Release
Cue Sheet and Suggestions, for
Presentation of Cecil B. DeMille's

"THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" is a picture of great importance and deserves the same showmanship and technical care in theatre presentation that it received in its production and roadshow engagements.

Running time is three hours and 41 minutes, with the intermission title coming at the end of the seventh reel, two hours and 13 minutes from the beginning. The entire picture consists of twelve 2,000-foot reels.

An overture has not been included in the print, and we suggest that music from the Dot sound track album be played prior to the performance. The picture opens with a red curtain through which Mr. DeMille enters. He gives a brief introduction which runs two minutes and 23 seconds and the picture title follows.

Intermission overture music has not been included on the sound track. The Dot sound track album music should commence about three minutes before the time established for the beginning of the, second half of the picture to start the audience returning to their seats.

Exit music has not been provided on film and the Dot sound track album can be employed here again. It should be started when the house lights are brought up.


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