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Framing. In photographing "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS," scenes were composed for projecting in an aspect ration of 1.85 to 1.
The projection aperture plates should be in the same ratio, filed with allowance for keystone.

A Framing Index, which will appear briefly twice in the . upper right corner of the screen at the start of each 2,000-foot reel, will assist the projectionist in framing the picture accurately. When the horizontal line extending to the left is at the top screen masking, the picture will be properly framed for the 1.85 to 1 ratio.

Sound. "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" includes a number of sequences of a spectacular nature, both in picture and sound. To attain the maximum effect in sound the picture was recorded to be played 2 decibels above the normal level of response for the Academy Test Reel. Accordingly, please set the fader 2-decibels above normal.

House lights and curtains. House lights should be dimmed at the end of the overture. As the length of time required to open and close curtain varies, each theatre should experiment to handle the presentation in the manner described below, which has been found to be most effective.

The picture should begin as the house lights go to black and the image should be projected on the closed scrim. The opening scene of the Cecil B. DeMille introduction begins on closed curtains with Mr. DeMille making his appearance 12 seconds after the projected image is first visible. The scrim should be open by the time Mr. DeMille appears.


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