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The March of CinemaScope


Dec. 18-Spyros P. Skouras, president of 20th Century-Fox, and Earl Sponable, research director, see demonstration of CinemaScope inNice, France, by its inventor, Prof. Henri Chretien.
Dec. 18-Mr. Skouras, on behalf of 20th Century-Fox, takes option on CinemaScope lens.


Jan. 18-CinemaScope lenses flown to 20th Century-Fox studios on the Coast.
Jan. 26-Production Chief Darryl F. Zanuck views preliminary CinemaScope demonstrations.
Jan. 28-Mr. Zanuck picks Lloyd C. Douglas' "The Robe" for CinemaScope.
Feb. 2-Messrs. Skouras and Zanuck decide on conversion of all 20th Century-Fox product to CinemaScope.
Feb. 13-Signs 10-year agreement with Prof. Chretien giving 20th Century-Fox exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute CinemaScope lenses on a world-wide basis.
Feb. 23-Production commences on "The Robe."
March 17-20th Century-Fox holds first public demonstrations of CinemaScope in California.
March 18-Metro-Goldwin-Mayer Studios contract to employ the CinemaScope process.
April 1-20th Century-Fox schedules productions in CinemaScope in 1953 and 1954.
April 14-Bausch & Lomb, optical firm, concludes agreement to produce CinemaScope lenses exclusively for 20th Century-Fox.
April 24-20th Century-Fox holds first public demonstrations of CinemaScope in New York at the Roxy.
May 11-Development of single-film stereophonic sound announced by 20th Century-Fox with four magnetic tracks on one strip with with the picture. The CinemaScope aspect ratio is reduced from 2.66 to 1 to 2.55 to 1.
July 21-Mr. Skouras says 20th Century-Fox's foreign CinemaScope commitments alone total almost $10,000,000.
Aug. 11-Announce cut in the price of CinemaScope lenses from $2,875 a pair to between $1,800 and $1,900.
Sept. 16-CinemaScope and "The Robe" have their world premiere at the Roxy theatre in New York.
Nov. 4-"How To Marry A Millionaire," second CinemaScope production has its world premiere at the Fox-Wilshire theatre in Los Angeles, California.







Behind The
Year Ahead

 Earl I. Sponable, technical research director for 20th Century-Fox, announces his staff will have its work perfected to enable Drive-In theatres to exhibit CinemaScope attractions in 1954. . . Producer Sam Engel has completed arrangements with the Royal Canadian Air Force and other Dominion governmental agencies for their co-operation in the production of a CinemaScope super-special based on Virginia Kellogg's original, "Jumping Sisters". . .The story concerns the adventures of a paratroop rescue team comprising a young doctor, a corpsman and a nurse.

 Production of CinemaScope attractions is stepping up at other studios licensed to use the revolutionary new dimensional photographic process. . . MGM, for example, has begun filming its third CinemaScope special, "Brigadoon," with Arthur Freed producing. . . Bell & Howell has been licensed to manufacture anamorphic lenses for the CinemaScope process. . . Variety reports that Robert Wagner's fan mail is second only to Marilyn Monroe. . . Wagner co-stars in "Beneath The 12-Mile Reef" and "Prince Valiant". . . Progress is reported on perfection of Eidophor, the large-screen theatre TV-in-color process. . . More about it in 1954.

 Combined increases of 368% in gross receipts and 386% in attendance over pre-CinemaScope era averages were effected by motion picture theatres in the United States that presented "The Robe" or "How To Marry A Millionaire" during October and November. . . Publishers are so pleased with the huge circulation enjoyed by the reprint of "The Robe" since the CinemaScope version appeared on the screens that they have decided to publish reprints of the half score of other best-sellers that will be filmed in the new process in 1954. . . It was just one year ago this Dec. 18 that 20th Century-Fox President Spyros P. Skouras contracted with Prof. Henri Chretien for rights to his anamorphic lens.

 Largest Miracle Mirror Screen installed to date is at the Fox theatre in Detroit, measuring 74X32 feet. . ."Demetrius And The Gladiators" is the first story written for and designed expressly to take advantage of the opportunities CinemaScope offers. . . Nunnally Johnson, playwright-producer, makes his debut as director with "Night People". . . Jay Robinson, the 23-year-old stage actor-writer-producer who has earned high praise for his portrayal of the mad Emperor Caligula, is the first new star "made" by CinemaScope. . . Thirty-one top stars of screen and stage here and abroad had been screen tested for the title role in "Desiree" as of Dec. 1.

 Judging from orders in press-time possession of suppliers thrice as many theatres as are equipped at this writing will have had installations completed by Feb. 1. . . CinemaScope 1954 super-specials will run the gamut from the nostalgic musical, "Pink Tights," to the spectacular picturizations of Darryl Zanuck's "The Egyptian," "Demetrius And The Gladiators," MGM's "Ben Hur" and Warner Brothers' "Helen Of Troy".

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