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A more than adequate supply of CinemaScope productions for all theatres equipped to present them is assured for 1954.

In addition to the score and ten that 20th Century-Fox will have released and in production in 1954, an increasing number of the year's most ambitious and important super-attractions is scheduled by major studios and independent producers.

All CinemaScope productions will be based on the most carefully selected stories, including pre-sold best-selling novels and plays, and originals.

It is estimated that the combined industry output of CinemaScope product for 1954 will, conservatively, represent an investment in excess of $150,000,000 in production alone.

Enfranchised to film productions in the CinemaScope process at press-time were Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Universal-International, Columbia Pictures, United Artists and Allied Artists producers, and independent producers.

CinemaScope processed super-attractions from these leading studios and independent producers will run the gamut of themes.

By the end of this year, not only will 20th Century-Fox have pre-released its first three Cinemascope productions- "The Robe," "How To Marry A Millionaire" and "Beneath The 12-Mile Reef "-but Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Brothers will have launched their initial specials filmed in CinemaScope.

These include MGM's "Knights Of The Round Table," and WB's "Rear Guard." MGM is currently scoring its second CinemaScope production, the Mervyn LeRoy directed musical, "Rose Marie." WB has its second CinemaScope special, "A Star Is Born," before the cameras now.

With the advent of January, production of CinemaScope attractions for 1954 release will be quadrupled, according to "shooting" schedules supplied Dynamo.

Dore Schary, MGM studio head, has announced that that company has under consideration for CinemaScoping such important vehicles as Sam Zimbalist's "Robinson Crusoe," Armand Deutsch's "Green Fire," Pandro S. Berman's "Quentin Durward," Arthur Freed's "The Romberg Story," Edwin H. Knopf's "The King 's Thief," "Valley Of The Kings," "Brigadoon," "The High And Mighty" and famed "Ben Hur."

Jack Warner, production chief of Warner Brothers, has announced that among that studio's output of CinemaScope attractions, in addition to the two already mentioned, will be "Mr. Roberts," "Helen Of Troy," "The Talisman" and others.

Jack Cohn, production head of Columbia Pictures, has announced the following properties are under consideration for future CinemaScope production: "River Of The Sun," "Pal Joey, "My Sister Eileen," "Black Knight," "The Lizst Story" and the tentatively titled "Reminiscences of a Cowboy."

Walt Disney is currently readying his first CinemaScope special for 1954 production and release. He has several other attractions to be made in CinemaScope, but for later release, in addition to Disney short subjects.

Errol Flynn is scheduled to co-star in a spectacular story, in CinemaScope, titled "William Tell." This elaborate dramatization of the famous legend is to be filmed in Switzerland.

Virtually every top producer, director and star will be an active participant in the great CinemaScope march of unprecedented boxoffice prosperity that "The Robe" and "How To Marry A Millionaire" have so concretely initiated.

Obviously, therefore, in 1954 this industry's most powerful screenplays and most potent attractions, boxoffice-wise, will be those carrying the CinemaScope trade-mark.

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