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The American WideScreen Museum presents a Gallery of 70mm Frames from
The Sam Spiegel / David Lean Production of

Lawrence of Arabia
A Horizon Picture in Technicolor® - Photographed in Super Panavision 70®
A Columbia Pictures Release
Restoration and Reconstruction by Robert A. Harris
Lawrence of Arabia 65mm Camera Negative - Super Panavision 70
65mm negative of Lawrence of Arabia
Precious Stuff

So delicate. Its bizarre color is subject to the ravages of dye fading over a period of time. The camera negative of Lawrence of Arabia had been abused and neglected for over two and a half decades. Producing a respectable looking print had become impossible, not to mention the dozens upon dozens of cuts made to produce an ever shorter running time. Fortunately the management of Columbia Pictures agreed with film restorer Robert A. Harris that Lawrence needed to be saved. Also, most fortunately, David Lean was eager to help put the film back together and to do some editing he'd been unable to finish before the film's premiere in 1962.

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A Tip From the Curator of The American WideScreen Museum

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