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1. Introduction

2. What is PANAVISION?

   A. The Super Panatar
   B. Other products of Panavision, Inc.

3. The Super Panatar in conjunction with existing equipment

   A. The projector itself
      1. Objective lens
      2. Sprockets
      3. Aperture
      4. Sound Head
   B. Other projection equipment
      1. Projection Port
      2. Screen

4. A consideration of "horizontal line distortion" in the projected image

      A. Distortion affected by projector position in relation to a curved
      B. Correction with the Super Panatar

5. Mounting the Super Panatar an the projector

      A. Securing the acceptance bracket
      B. Placing the Super Panatar on the bracket
      C. Procedure in making preliminary adjustments
      D. Final adjustment of lens and locking-off
      E. Rapid conversion of the Super Panatar from 2.66 to 1.0 squeeze
          ratio to other ratios

6. Focusing the projector in conjunction with the Super Panatar

7. Maintenance of the Super Panatar

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