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The inadvisability of changing the exposure between the lenses can be readily understood when it is realized that doing this would bring about a more serious and difficult problem, that of matching the three film at the match-line both in density and color.

From experience it has been found that this condition can be handled by a mean exposure since the latitude of the film can absorb most of the deficiencies in lighting of this sort.

Camera Movements

Camera movements are necessary in cinematography but the Cinerama camera movements should not be used too freely and should be limited to the necessity of the movements for cinematic effects. Panning should be used sparingly but lateral dollying has been used very effectively. In the forward movements of the Cinerama camera such as in trucking shots, and extreme illusion of movement is obtained and unless violent action is desired this should be done slowly especially when the camera is close to the subject. Excellent zooming effects have been obtained by rapid forward movement of the camera such as on a roller coaster, on a bobsled, and the nose of an airplane when it is close to a solid object. When the airplane is at a high altitude the illusion is that of a slow trucking shot.

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