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Subject Movement and Direction

The three lenses of the Cinerama camera point in different directions. Therefore, the three fields of the Cinerama camera could be taken by three separate cameras, each pointing in a different direction. Because of this the perspective in each picture or field is different. This means that the movement or the direction is different in all three pictures, that is, a person moving, walking or looking in a certain direction in one picture would not appear to be looking or moving in the same direction in the other two pictures. Therefore, in order to have some sort of consistency or direction, some compensation with respect to the direction of movement has to be made. In order to make it appear that a subject is moving or looking correctly from one field to the other.

In the Cinerama process when a person in one field looks directly at a person or a thing in another field, the person appears to be looking more toward the camera than at the person. (See Figs. I to IVa.)

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