What is the future of the anamorphic SuperScreen dimension motion picture? VISTARAMA stands strongly on its position that with the release of such fine anamorphic dimension pictures as "THE ROBE," "KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE," "THE FABULOUS LAND," "TWELVE MILE REEF," and others, this dimension will become established as the preeminent new design in the motion picture industry. No longer will most of the skeptics be skeptical... No longer will there be any real hesitancy about buying lenses and equipping theatres. The demand for lenses, screens and sound systems will far exceed the supply for some time to come.

In the opinion of VISTARAMA there is absolutely no reason to question but that the future of the anamorphic dimensional motion picture is as assured as was color and sound, and that VISTARAMA, along with the identical CinemaScope and WarnerScope, will become the standards of the industry into the distant future.

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