The Newsreel and PROLOGUE should not be more than half the width of the CINEMASCOPE picture and if possible less. This is important.

The opening of the show should proceed in the following manner:

The operator will signal the stage to open the traveling curtain. At the same time he puts on the Newsreel, the traveling curtain will open at the outer edge of the Newsreel picture black border, When the cue mark at the end of the PROLOGUE is seen, the operator will signal the stage to close the traveling curtain. He will also cut off the light from the arc lamp. "THE VOICE OF THE THEATRE" will speak from behind the closed curtain and at this point, the theatre will be completely dark. During this time the black border of the Newsreel picture is removed when the operator hears "THE VOICE OF THE THEATRE" say "For Your Greater Pleasure - CINEMASCOPE." he will make the change over on the word "CINEMASCOPE" and at the same time start opening the traveling curtain. The curtain is to be opened very slowly and in such a manner that when the title of the feature appears on the screen it is just uncovered. The travelling curtain should continue at the same speed until it is completely opened.

One word about the lights in the theatre. The new large screens have a wonderful quality in absorbing and reflecting lights in an extraordinary way, but these embossed screens will catch all stray lights of the theatre which detract from their efficiency and affect the substantial appearance of the picture. Therefore, it is important to turn off all audience lights not required by city regulations and ordinances.

It is equally vital to regulate sound properly and it is urged that you give careful attention to adjustments as required by the picture, to give the most pleasing results over the greatest part of your audience,

The careful use of screens, lighting, lenses, projectors and stereophonic sound will make CINEMASCOPE most attractive to your audience.

This method of presentation has proved highly successful in all the premiere presentations of THE ROBE up to date. As an example of this showmanly unveiling of the new process, Mr. Fred C. Souttar, district manager of Fox Midwest Theatres in Kansas City, reported that their theatres switched to side-wall speakers for "THE VOICE OF THE THEATER" and as the front curtain slowly opened there were "oh's" and "ah's" from the entire audience, for it appeared as though the curtain would never stop unfolding.

To further emphasize the novelty and importance of stereophonic sound, theatres in the Fox Midwest circuit also used auditorium horns as an outlet for music played during intermission. This gives the audience

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