5. Page 10 of THE ROBE press book outlines in detail many other means of creating public opinion on CINEMASCOPE and stereophonic sound.


Your theatre lobby and front should reflect the importance of the coming of the new era in motion pictures. To this end, follow the pattern suggested in THE ROBE press book for lobby decorations, dressing of your house staff, music and audience comment, etc. In this connection, one West Coast Theatre managers made an attractive and unusual lobby display by trimming stills in the shape of the CINEMASCOPE screen.

The use of door panels illustrated on Page 38 of THE ROBE press book and the special accessories in deluxe fluorescent satin, such as valances and streamers as illustrated on Page 31, have proved most effective in decorating theatres to point up the importance of the premiere of THE ROBE and CINEMASCOPE.


Do not wait until the last to set your complete campaign. It has been the experience of theatres that already have opened CINEMASCOPE that in the rush of installations, managers are pushed and do not have as much time as they want to work on the advertising and the over all campaign. It is wise for the manager to plan far in advance, setting up a schedule for the use of trailers and the advance and first week advertising.


(This campaign which was used by the Watson Theatre in Salina, Kansas population 27,000 - gives a good example of what the average theatre manager can and should do for the premiere of THE ROBE and CINEMASCOPE )

Newspaper: Used complete advertising campaign as called for by a prearranged budget which included schedules for advance and opening week ads. Advertising space dominated the theatrical page and was largest ever used to launch an attraction. (Note Advance teasers, opening announcement ads and large display ads as shown in press book were used)

Radio: Used the full amount of money allotted for radio and, in addition, secured four 7 minute interview periods using interview records, (See Page 24 of THE ROBE press book) These interview deals were made without charge. Also, news announcers plugged the opening and CINEMASCOPE as they felt it had enough news value to warrant putting it on the news time. (In case you plan Television space, a full scale Television campaign is outlined on Page 25 of THE ROBE press book).

Windows: Tie-ups with three book stores for counter and window space on the book with stills and cards on the picture were used.

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