an entirely new effect and causes much favorable comment. There is a Decca Sound Track Album of THE ROBE theme music which can be used to advantage by theatres for lobby music as well as intermission music. (See Page 27 - ROBE Press Book)

To round out your program use a special CINEMASCOPE Short Subject to follow the feature presentation - Twentieth Century-Fox has five such subjects - CORONATION PARADE, VESUVIUS EXPRESS, FINALE FROM TCHAIKOVSKY'S SYMPHONY #4, DANCERS OF THE DEEP and POLOVETZIAN DANCES FROM PRINCE IGOR that can be used to supplement your program. They are unusual short subjects, produced lavishly in color by Technicolor and will further point up the wonders of CINEMASCOPE and stereophonic sound.

Theatre managers should take a special interest in this presentation of CINEMASCOPE and should instruct their staff to give special attention to all details connected with it. It is also important that the whole program be rehearsed thoroughly before the opening night performance,

Remember, it is important to launch CINEMASCOPE properly by utilizing all the showmanship possibilities it presents.


The publicity campaign on the installation of CINEMASCOPE and stereophonic sound should start as soon as equipment is ordered and kept up until premiere night. Let the public know that your theatre is the first in the city to present this new and revolutionary type of motion picture entertainment.

Plant newspaper stories in the following manner:

1. When it is announced that CINEMASCOPE is going to be installed in your theatre, do not give any date. Tell what it can do. Let the people know that it has four sound tracks and a gigantic screen. Press book on THE ROBE contains plenty of material that you can use for this purpose.

2. When your equipment arrives, plant a story that the equipment is town. It would be a good idea to bring a reporter to the theatre. Show him the back stage, speakers in the house, etc.

3. There will also be a story when the engineers start installations. Bring out the fact that your theatre is ideal for the new system and the engineers will cooperate on this, helping to get over the idea that it is something big.

4. The Sunday before your opening an "almost ready" angle is suggested. In this story you can have a resume of the preparations as well as advance publicity on THE ROBE on what a great picture it is.

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