Library: The Public Library gave a large display along one wall in the reading room and also a large poster area at the check-out desk. The Library had a radio program once a week and the Librarian devoted a whole fifteen minutes on one program on THE ROBE and CINEMASCOPE.

Other Advertisements were placed in the weekly paper and also in the

Newspapers: Air base paper, These papers also carried publicity stories on THE ROBE and CINEMASC0PE.

Schools: All schools gave permission to place posters in the library and history classes for discussions on the historical period of THE ROBE and its significance.

Posters: Outside-One sheets and window cards were placed in all surrounding towns, Two 24-sheets were posted in this town, and extra locations were obtained from the Ford dealer whose paper on new Fords was not ready for use. These extra, locations added to the over all campaign,

Lobby & Front: Overhead signs in the lobby were placed long in advance. Other lobby paper was also used in advance with daters -- "Coming soon"- "Watch for it" - During the run, CINEMASCOPE banners on the marquee and door panels on all entrance doors were used as wellas the regular posters.

Staff: Staff members wore usher badges two weeks before opening. Two of the staff members are members of the diversified Education classes at school and at the request of their teacher they gave project talks on the new CINEMASCOPE and stereophonic sound systems and also discussed the production of THE ROBE.


Since THE ROBE - or the first CINEMASCOPE picture you play - will hold for an extended run, provision must be made for an adequate advertising and publicity campaign for additional weeks, do not let down after you have held your premiere. Experience to date has proved that a CinemaScope picture can be sustained at a profitable level three, four and five times longer than any good feature you have previously played. Do not stint on your advertising budgets for the hold over weeks.


The foregoing outline for the promotion of CINEMASCOPE, a process consisting of the anamorphic lens, the Miracle Mirror Screen and 4-track stereophonic sound, opens up unlimited opportunities for the alert showman.. Exert your best showmanship knowledge in order to make full use of CINEMASCOPE'S technical advantages so that the public will get the complete benefit of this overwhelming entertainment, which is so much better than anything offered heretofore.

Twentieth Century-Fox is happy to welcome you into the ranks of CINEMASCOPE exhibitors and wishes you every success with THE ROBE and all succeeding CINEMASCOPE productions you are privileged to play.

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